5paisa Loans

The Preferred lending Platform

Lend & get upto 24% return

Lend smart with 5paisa Loans

Returns upto 24% p.a.

Earn above average market returns.

Fixed Monthly Income

Invest and get fixed monthly income in the form of interest and principal.

Verified & Creditworthy Borrowers

We ensure strict underwriting of all borrowers registered on the platform.

Alternate investment to diversify risk

Lend in P2P with other investment options and diversify your portfolio.

How to lend

  • 5paisa Loans, a NBFC registered with RBI, has created an eco-system to bring together Individual lenders and borrowers on a common platform.
  • To join as a lender, you simply need to complete an online application, upload documents and add money. Lending serves as a great platform to diversify your investment portfolio and earn higher returns.
  • The borrowers on 5paisa Loans Platform are vetted thoroughly with respect to their credit history, financials and only creditworthy borrowers are available for lending to the Lending community.

How to lend

Lending - Now easy and secure

Seamless On-boarding

Paperless account in 5 minutes with minimal documents is all you need to join our Lending community. Choose from a pool of verified borrowers and start lending from as low as Rs.500

Solid Beginning

With RBI nod, 5paisa Loans has started making difference in the lives of hundreds of borrowers and ensured handsome returns for its P2P investors.

Strong Backing

5paisa Loans is a subsidiary of 5paisa Capital, India’s fastest growing discount broker, with over Rs.400 cr market capitalization. 5paisa Group enjoys a strong association with IIFL group and backing of BSFI industry leader Mr. Nirmal Jain

Here’s what our Lenders say

This is a highly reliable platform for lenders like me. The borrower verification process of 5paisa and the transparency they maintain is commendable.

Joan Abraham Joan Abraham

This is a great platform for lenders like me. I have earned 24% returns! I would definitely want to continue lending on this platform.

Kuldeep Naidu Kuldeep Naidu

I really like this new investment option. It's my first time in P2P lending, and the experience is great. I was mainly worried about the borrowers but the process they follow was reassuring.

Salil Bhosale Salil Bhosale

The loan services offered by 5paisa are amazing! The process is quite quick and easy as most of it is done online.

Ritu Dubey Ritu Dubey

I got my loan disbursement done within 2 days of application! The process was extremely hassle-free and I did not have to run around with documents.

Imran Qureshi Imran Qureshi

Download 5paisa Loans App now

Download 5paisa Loans App now